Intense Thoughts


“Who am I?”

You know many times I ask that same question about myself and my life.  I have worked in the Software and Technology industry for more than 28 years now and have traveled over 2,000,000 air miles going in all directions.  What I find that continues to drive me is People.  I love to meet and talk to people from every walk of life, culture and from all areas of the world.  I feel it keeps my mind sharp and open while providing inspiration to my work.  Something I started a few years ago was to write inspirational posts on Facebook and other places.  I also started making short films to actual bring out the many messages from my posts and offer another media for people to enjoy and feel something.  So I guess you can say I’m a sales executive, software specialist, writer, producer, film maker and people person.  I think in today’s world we need to see and feel good about People and our Life.  I work hard to write something with meaning and inspire people to do more.  Social Media is great but PEOPLE are of value!