Intense Thoughts


I'm David Bornancin and for the past 11 years I have been a caregiver to my wife Stefanie, who was diagnosed with Early On-Set Alzheimer's at just 49 years old.

This is a disease I hope no family in their lifetime has to ever face, but one that has changed our lives.

Our story starts over 12 years ago when we were told to come in and run a battery of tests which included CAT Scans, MRI’s, EKG’s and memory and logic testing.  What we did not understand at that moment was what this really meant to us as a family and to my wife.  The next five years included comprehensive Hospital and Doctor visits with Neurology, Family, Natural Paths and many skilled specialists. My wife has been my life partner for over 39 years and when she became ill, it became my duty and mission to do anything I possibly could to address this condition and to help care for her in every single way possible.

What followed was 10+ additional CAT SCANS, MRI's, 5+ major hospitals, and seeing over 30 highly skilled professionals who in the end could offer no real hope because Alzheimer's disease is terminal and incurable.

12 Years of searching, reading, calling and reaching out for help within a system that is broken and does not address long term care can destroy a family, both mentally and financially.  Anyone wondering what it takes to make a major commitment both personal or financial is welcome to ask me.  It takes roughly $5,000 to $10,000 a month for Specialized Alzheimer’s Dementia care, and a dedicated caregiver 24/7 to prepare for such a journey.

After providing the best over-all care for my wife and paying for everything out of pocket except for social security disability, and acting as her primary caregiver, I thought I would never be in this position to have to find a way to finance the coming years for long term care.  In life, you think you have a wonderful marriage, family and a home with some security until you wake up one morning and the unexpected happens.  Your entire life changes, not just today, but for forever.   You end up selling all your property, liquidate all your investments, savings and retirement funds and other assets until you go broke.   

As the caregiver for my wife, I will never give up nor will I ever stop providing for the desperately needed specialized care, but after 11 years of doing this all on my own, it is simply impossible to try to move forward without any support, which is why I have established Saving Steffie.

Instead of asking people for money, I have created Saving Steffie, an Ecommerce Online Website and Art Gallery for anyone who would like to help can pick out one of my original paintings and 100% of the proceeds will go toward helping to care for Steffie in these last stages of her life.

All paintings and drawings were designed and painted by myself and will never be duplicated or mass produced. I am also open to taking requests. Every little bit helps, so thank you so much for taking the time to read about our story and help support our family in caring for Steffie. You have no idea how much we appreciate each one of you.