Intense Thoughts



“Life is Precious”, we all keep going at ninety miles a minute and we never notice how or what can affect us in our mind, body and soul. Our blood keeps pumping as our heart tries to keep up. But in a split second or an unexpected moment you can see yourself losing the battle. Stop and take that one step to rebalancing your Life and you will reap the benefits beyond belief!

In Life there is what we call a spiritual world which travels with us and also around us. You can feel that you like that idea or say no not for me. We also have energy which comes in the forms of positive and negative. Our brain and minds have the capability to tap into such a world and some have such special gifts for which they can always feel the presence of this high definition and levels of frequency for which many cannot. In all things the impossible is always possible yet many stray to the dark side and never see the light. For now, using all the gifts, senses, energy, shadows, spirits and any other methods for the Good of the World might not be a bad thing. I wonder who has such hidden integration into these forces of Life and could we make the World around us Safe?

What do you think connects us to this Universe? Maybe our Limo’s, Mansions, Planes, Ships or even hidden passions for the Arts. Can you imagine Life without all our THINGS? Maybe the Universe began without any material things and was left with just some type of human beings or today we call people, friends and family. What Universe do you live in?

Do you believe your Journey is coming to an end or do you believe you are just starting a new one? We continue to go about our days faced with many obstacles and unknown challenges yet we don’t equate that as part of our journey.

One’s life is made up of many Journey’s filled with Touch Points. The real answers come from building new connections with people. If we can harness our own energy and translate that over to another person in a positive way, then we have left a piece of our own embodiment and soul behind!

We all walk on the surface of the Earth and we act as if we own it without any responsibility for Nature, Animals, Water Supplies and more. The very dirt and dust our Native American’s surely carried the rights to were forever forgotten. How little time it took to destroy so many paths, so many needed resources and to many greedy minds which called this planet our home yet forgot to return anything. The clock never stopped ticking and now we find there is no such thing as Unlimited. Maybe we should just stay on this destructive path until there is no sanctuary for lives, or maybe we need to rethink think.

TRAINS, we have the sound of Trains in the background at roughly 7:00 PM outside of Glendale, CA. It brings you back to when you use to play on the train tracks and surrounded by so many different trains entering the station. A perfect sound when in total silence!

How many times has it happened where someone assumes they truly understand your life and the one piece of sanity for which you exist? Yet no one can perform a temperature read on ones hidden behind the scenes real life and mortality. There is a moment in time where you could say I wonder what it’s like to live in ones shoes, but that is as close as you get to ever seeing their very real world. So we continue to roam and go on our way thinking we have any idea for which something happens!

We have such little time in one’s life. The real factors never change, age, health or anything else. If you are lucky just maybe you can make an impact and really make a difference. In the end if people say I knew that person and they changed my life, then you already secured your place in the HEAVENS above!

We walk this place we called earth and you go on your journey testing the waters all around you. The one thing you hope for is being able to touch another soul from any other place and culture. In the end the only real thing that ever matters are the people you were part of!

We walk this place called United States and we never worry about our Freedom or our ability to travel, eat, work or just have fun. What many seem to forget is that our Military, our men and woman who are in harm’s way are always there to protect us. God Bless all the Men and Woman who serve in our Military and give us such Freedom beyond any other country in the World!

The World continues to evolve and grow. Some would say we are in this crazy Tech Boom and that is the way of the Future or Internet of Things to come. Some might also say we are washing away our past of traditions and culture. Be careful not to let Technology represent your life or who you have become. Balance is everything!

Do you ever wonder what it’s like to be the Best at something? Sometimes it comes with a price. You deal with the stress, the emotional roller coaster, the highs and lows and always double checking your final results. In the end as you receive the rewards and honors and go far beyond your expectations you already know you Won. It takes commitment and discipline to reach your goals and set the bar high. Don’t ever give up!

“It’s a long road going forward” No your road is what you make it. Filled with adventure, excitement and unexpected twists and turns. One with vision can accomplish anything!

Balance, how do you find it and do you have it? If you believe you can exist without it you are wrong. If it takes a lifetime to find your balance then do it and see how the world comes into focus!

Creative writing and recent movies, mixed emotions, a splatter of cartons and too many wrong intentions happening around the world only to leave us with lost lives. Let’s all pray and hope for a better 2015 and a change which is truly needed and mandated for a better place where we all can live without fear!

Uncover enough rocks and one finds the missing balance. You never will be able to reach one’s undefined potential until you leave the material world and seek out the hidden uncontrollable unrelenting powerful trusted balance in one's life!

Some would say stop searching for something different and something exceptional. When you stop searching you stop growing, then one’s ability to expand and travel beyond the stars never becomes reachable!

When you think you lost everything, you are already lost. Only people, souls and one’s ability to see beyond the dirt for which we walk on will ever matter in the end!

“Gemini’s” our brain never shuts off and we focus on others. Making sure we touch many in the world and make a difference. We have the ability to keep going and most are A type personalities. Sometimes our systems need a rest and yet you never see it. Make sure you find that release valve before it’s too late!

Losing any person from any place and reason is truly a tragedy. Losing Robin Williams is not just a loss but unthinkable. Such an artist who was light-years ahead of his time can never be replaced. RIP and forever bring joy to the heavens above!

Creativity does not come from a new cell phone, a new computer or even that new car in the showroom. When we lose one single child or person in the world we have lost another creative and artistic mind!

Some would say they have done it all. They have taken all one has and seen and tried everything. Many might say they have reached their limit. They would forever be wrong. One’s ability to reach beyond any limit is endless!

You are one step away from Heaven. Are you the ones who take or give? Are you the ones who help or walk away? Are you hateful or passionate? You decide, it’s only a one lane highway to the Gates!

You can take a million steps and think you have achieved everything. But ones greatest moments comes from the two most talented and gifted members of the family, our Daughter & Son!

“Freedom” From a technology point of view, let’s all remember what Freedom really means and no one would be using FB or any other communications software or device. Remember where you live and who you are. America the land of the Free and the home of the Brave! God Bless all the ones who keep us safe and insure our Freedom!

Sometimes we all walk a fine line between reality and fantasy. It’s not a bad thing to see things in seven different dimensions, just remember to come back to earth once in a while!

Many say you know you can’t save everyone. I think we need an attitude adjustment and rethink such words. Yes you can save everyone when you try and search for answers and offer help. Even if it takes one person at a time people are worth it!

Days keep changing and the clock keeps ticking away with only seconds for you to wake up. You can’t bring back the past but you can change the future. One’s ability to blast through all the nonsense and see clearly provides the road you will walk on and the doors you will open to that LIFE you so wanted!

The words seem so simple yet the real wishes are even more important. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers in the world. One thing never changes as a daughter or son moves through so many different phases in life, a Mother is always there to make sure they are safe and always loved!

What do you do when you are faced with the unknown or unexpected? Do you take this opportunity and claim your right to use it and succeed or do you walk away and never attempt to take on such a task. One never knows the outcome but if you take yourself out of the game before it starts then who loses in the end?

What do you deserve and expect. Many think someone owes them something. In today’s economic climate and business realities you get nothing. Start your day knowing that you control everything and you become the superstar and make things happen. Your future is now and your adventure begins when you start your own journey. Make it Happen!

Over 2 Million Miles in the air. You get a different view and a very different perspective when flying for 6 Hours. Only you and the sky around you. You sit at 39,000 ft and yet you are only a moment away from the surface of one’s face and time!

Some may travel through life and never think about what’s next or even about others. You only get a small window to experience all the wonderful meaningful things that nature and people have to offer. You start your chapters very young in age and in one blink you are almost coming to the end of your book. What set of pages did you forget and more important what pages did you miss?

When your world is falling apart or you feel that all is lost……..You can always turn to your friends and family and you will forever be safe and protected and never walk alone. You are only a second from ones touch!

Another day and only the sounds are crawling so slowly under ones nested heartbeat. Yes it’s the sounds of someone in need and many without. Never think for a moment that your simple gesture, touch, words or emotions can’t change the world around you because it already has!

It’s not paradise for many with disabilities or incurable diseases. Think twice before you walk by yet another person and pretend it does not affect you. Reach out and make their world matter and watch their eyes light up because they never give up!

You can’t take it with you. Many say these words and others just walk this earth and never think what that means. We have such little time and we are blessed with so many gifts. You can take the memories with you as you touch a person, make them smile, make them feel good and change their life forever!

Steps are always taken and words are always used to display compassion and caring for the less fortunate. Maybe someday we will see a real change in the world where no one walks alone and no one goes without! MAYBE!

NOV. 2013 - Reflections against a shinning stainless steel wall only depict one side of a person. A single dimension and view only offers what others need to see. Change the equation and dig deeper into a person and you will open so many doors and uncover new adventures!

I always talk about changing another person’s life. I truly feel that a simple smile, the way you talk to people and the way you see people, and the way you treat people will change them forever. You can decide to walk alone in the mist of the ever forgotten faces we tend to ignore or you can make the faces feel alive. You decide!

Your home, it’s always sad that I don’t get to see my ever so special Son and his wonderful Danielle. But we all have to be grateful for technology such as (Facebook, Skype, and other Chat SW). I get to see and talk to so many people around the world in so many countries that it is truly fantastic. I also get to see my son working away on his monster computer setup and we Chat Live. Home for me is anywhere in the world but we all need our ever so important gadgets, one reason why I stay in technology!

"Chapters & Storyboards", sometimes you need to close one chapter of your life in order to start a new chapter and explore life's possibilities. A storyboard can be used to lay out all the steps and parts in a movie, a play, a presentation or even changing phases along your road. The problem is you don't control the way the storyboard paints out your journey or how the new chapters are written. Make every day count and look at new ways to ................... you fill in the blank!

My words are always filled with optimism and finding ways to help and touch people on planet Earth. But you can’t always run at 200 miles a minute. When I find my energy levels drop or I lose focus, I turn to our special Daughter who goes from 0 to 1,000 in seconds and who embraces life, touches the hearts of many, who searches for answers and who always gives her best and opens new doors every day and understands the best is truly yet to come! "Be Part of Something" !

In the game of “Life” everyone feels they have a roadmap that they look to follow. But when you think you have things locked down think again because a much higher power already knows what you’re distant for!

They say only a few become real Saints and are truly blessed with so many special gifts in this life. Our Mother, our Mom who left her special blend of caring, giving, sharing and conviction always provided for her children and never stopped helping is a true Saint. She always gave her best and never lost focus on what we were involved in and how she helped shape our future. She now starts a new chapter and leaves all the pain and suffering behind. She will never be forgotten, never leave us and her signature is left as a platform for us to live by. RIP Mom and always look over us!

Turning a page in a book may be easy for some. Turning a page in real life and trying to make a difference takes a lot of energy, focus and a powerful will to see it through. Make sure you write new pages in a book and open a new chapter while closing out the last one!

Some people are wrong and some people are right in what is said in the public eye or in a court case. But one thing is very clear is that we all pay a price because your image, presence and your ability to capture the attention of so many special people is in your control. The price is HIGH when you make a mistake!

Meaningful quiet, ones search for peace and quiet and a moment where you can just be relaxed and enjoy a cloud filled sky and an ever glowing sun against your skin!

For the many that deal with pain, suffering and far reaching effects there is one small set of words to share. It’s never over until you say it is and you will forever be present in everyone’s heart!

It’s not about fame, fortune or even success. When you leave this earth your legacy should include leaving behind your special signature touch. When someone mentions your name because you changed their life and touched their soul, then you already found your place in history!

There’s no turning back when you make a decisive decision and live by it. If you’re right or wrong it does not matter because you took the risk and realized your potential and will forever gain the benefits and enrich your soul!

Think about it, who are you performing to and why. If you present this look and feel and presence and are comfortable in one’s skin then you are a very special and passionate person. If you play to the crowd and do what other expect only then you may be losing out on your own gifts. Make sure you own your style, look and voice and never forget who you are in life. Make a difference!

You can’t see what you can’t touch, feel, smell or taste. Yet one’s eyes must be conditioned to all our senses and see everything and everyone. Always open your mind to seeing beyond the material objects and use all your senses to touch someone in need!

The weekend is almost over and another start to an intense week. The corporate and business climate and customers are truly changing as well. You have to step up your game and every aspect of your game plan in order to achieve results. What seems to be so simple and a realistic project turns out to be extremely complicated and requires solid cost reductions, strong returns on investment and real value in less than 6 to 8 months. I always felt that you need to work outside the box and turn a new chapter on solutions. Only the strong survive and there is no room for mistakes!

The days are flying by extremely fast and after 18 hours days you just can’t find time for writing which I enjoy doing. But I must inform everyone that we are moving from Glendale CA to Burbank CA and the Entertainment Capital and Mega Center. So March is going to be a very intense month as we travel a little north and sit by the stars and embrace our adventures!

FEB 2013 - Walking a long quarter mile. I highly recommend that everyone take a long walk and hard look around as you see the real people in need and the ones with such damaging medical conditions. You can’t look away or ever dismiss such moments and events. It’s something which changes and affects you and gives you a very different perspective relative to our timeline and the justice of life!

“TIME” My voice and words have been quiet for a little while now. Sometimes just finding the time for anything is extremely hard. Time is one thing you can’t get back or ever replace. Some many things need to be addressed, handled, managed and responded to. What happened to having time? In a small way when you lose something you never forget to miss it. In today’s environment, culture and an ever so intensified world there is a never ending demand on our time. Where did it all go and when will it come back. Think about that in your spare time!

Writing and messaging in Facebook is always interesting and telling. Having a Daughter who is gifted in writing skills and journalism and freely offers an opinion on my different writing styles and messages is even more telling. I like to think out of the box, create unusual and special through provoking feelings and ideas and offer views with different dimensions. She claims that I sometimes can be over the top and hard to interpret or clearly see the message behind the message. In the future I will explore writing things such as (beer parties, walking dogs, desert trays and normal things and events)!

“It’s time”; it’s time to explode and unleash your hidden energy and inter spirit and let go and change something in your life. It’s time to find what drives your talents and focus on bringing your skills forward and into a sphere of projected telling messages for all to see. It’s time to….what time is it in your world?

As we walk amongst the tainted walkways and thick clay covered grounds one has to see how our Earth is slowly being changed. Never forget to return the favor and give something back to help save our planet!

Image if you could paint a Picasso, write a Romance Novel or find a Cure for Cancer. What about taking on a more realistic approach such as helping a Child and letting them know they are so important and never forgotten!

Ones persistence is a recipe for controlled and unmatched success. There are no magic spells, books or roadmaps which offers any meaningful ideas. You have to carry passion, excitement, leadership and presence and demand your rightful position in your unforgiving business and personal life!

Walking the walk and talking the talk; many expect you to always agree and fit into a certain molded picture. Never lose your identity and never forget how strong you really are. Take a position and stand by it. One’s life is made up of so many phases and reflections. Take control of your destiny and change the world forever!

JAN 2013 Another day comes to an end as we slowly crawl through the blistering wind filled cold weather tonight. One’s life is not about or representative of weather conditions. In order to live and exist you have to drive deep into the abyss of any weather conditions and never feel such change but adapt to it!

“The Right Tools for the Job”; I just got a glimpse of my sons High Tech workstation and technology capsule as he takes it to the next level. When you are working on a new campaign for a major company you have to engage the right software and hardware to build and present a solid ROI for Digital Marketing and Social Media and App Development. Four Flat Screens and an IPad and a powerhouse of applications all bring it together. The Space Shuttle has 5 computers onboard and can’t compete with this setup. Blasting the trails and keeping up with advanced technology. Way to go Brad!

DEC. 2012 Writers and writing; a way to create a magical path using passion, suspense, mystery, drama and real life events. Many would tell you that words over a well bonded canvas only leaves you with empty promises and short of any vision but they would be wrong. The many shades of gray painted over a black lit LED touch screen platform offers the reader many different points of view and an in-depth scope into one’s mind and perception. Only the writer and the reader can ever really explain the true meaning of the words as they jump off the pages. Use your words to inspire and instill unforgettable pictures!

48 HOURS till the magic of graduation begins. An intense road and an ever changing path to that stage as one walks the final steps and offers one final inspired speech. An outstanding experience and traveled road to a real Journalist and Broadcaster. An even more challenging and demanding industry known as Entertainment, Film, TV and Acting becomes second nature and part of one’s life. It's been 6 years of Acting and training and a never needing road to a new talent and special experience. Well yes Ashley continues to surprise, inspire, achieve, capture, test, accomplish, gain, drive, write, produce and offer support to so many in the business and around her. With an unlimited level of energy she grows beyond ones spirit and ones boundaries. Get ready for Greatness! “AshleybInspired”, a trademark and a new brand.

You walk the ever so quiet and semi dark night and wonder what is coming next and when will it hit. It sounds so crazy but too many events are taking place at so many locations around the country. Tonight another shooting takes place in Newport Beach at a major mall. Oh this time people are not dead but the piercing bullets are flying everywhere. You know they talk about the Mayan Calendar and the end of the world as we know it. But the real danger is not that but people who are out of control. Always live your life to the fullest and never stop!

Numbness surrounds all of us in this country. No matter where you live or who you are when something so unspeakable and so tragic happens it affects us all. We all wake this earth and sometimes forget what a life means and how precious it really is. What can be said about some many kids and loss of life in today’s event. Their voices are silent, their words are no longer, and their eyes no longer bring excitement and joy and no longer carry visions of one’s future. Anyone’s kids are all our kids and hold such important everlasting and ever giving possibilities. Such a gift should never be subject to an unsuspected and unknown moment where there is no chance to survive and no ability to get out of the way. Make sure a warm special forever giving hug with your child takes place tonight and pray for the ones who will never see their Sons and Daughters eyes again!

TIME - Time, it come to us in hours, minutes and seconds. Once your time in this life is gone it’s gone forever. Do something spectacular with the little time we have!

When is the last time you actually paid it forward? Reach out and share your words from a special book with a wanting child. Help a person in need of a battery charge to a dead battery. Take a second and offer a few bills to a young teen standing in front of a store selling candy for a good cause. Look into someone eyes and let them know you hear them. Remember its Christmas and we can only give something to others which holds sincere value!

Many say you can’t go forward until you go back. I say you always keep moving forward and find new and different ways to improve and develop your skills and hidden talents. You do however keep your past deep inside of you for which makes a strong foundation to your future!

To the ever so important two family members Brandon and Ashley. No matter where your footsteps take you or which city your passion embraces or even taking on new and ever taxing challenges, there is one thing that remains the same. You are forever walking in our minds and souls and never leave us untouched!

Finding ones Potential, you can’t reach one’s real potential until you stretch your boundaries and go beyond. Try something you never did before or know how to do and you will uncover hidden talents!

Top 10 Birthday Wishes Countdown – The one and only Brandon!
#10 Find happiness in the work you really love to do!
#9 Enjoy a great Dinner with your special Danielle!
#8 Never forget where you came from and where you are going!
#7 Never forget your friends and never lose your connections!
#6 Make time for others in need!
#5 Have a super great Birthday and Celebration!
#4 Always be the Best you can be and never leave things half done!
#3 Travel and meet other people, cultures and areas in the World!
#2 Find things to do which gives you peace and away from work!

One’s Life, Images and Reflections in so many Lights. One’s eyes can see where no one else can. Always be a Dreamer, always seek out new Things, always be Different and always find your Place!

You know you find days that everything goes right and other days which things just don’t fit in the right place. Some say it’s a way of Life. I say you have to turn things around fast and with precision but sometimes you wish for a simpler and easier moment in time!

Another intense and very unforgiving week and it just started. You push, you reach, you drive and keep looking for that final acceptance from your deals and yet another delay as timelines keep changing and get disrupted. What do you do? What do you do? Most would call it a day while others would seek out other venues. There is no other option for being the best and reaching your goals and making deadlines the difference between win or lose. You dig deeper and find untapped energy and you make things happen!

Many think what can I do better or different. Well you can’t go back or even step into another life and time. So make the best of it here and now as your life unfolds and as you travel down a totally different path and timeline. Let your mind and soul dive deep into a new awakening and see your future as it is meant to be!

You know it does not matter what we all think or don’t think about this Election and the results. What we better start thinking about is how all parties across this nation come together and work out all differences in order to better this United States and its people. Things really need to be addressed and moved forward ( budgets, Jobs, taxes, healthcare, Social Security and so much more). The real party which depends on results is all the people no matter whom you are and where you come from!

What’s wrong with people? Picture this, I needed some gas as it took me two hours to get home tonight and stopped in at a Shell gas station near home. There are a large number of cars around the pumps and no one really moving to fast. I see a pump open up and moved up to fill the tank. A guy comes screaming out of the blue telling me that I took his spot and he needed the gas really bad and I better move my car or else. He came to this gas station to save 5 cents on a gallon, 5 cents. There is something wrong when people place value on gas vs. people and 5 cents. In another day or time I would have turned my car around and blocked the two pumps and taken a different position but it was not worth the wait or 5 cents and the guy was having a meltdown. This is how people get killed and how road rage begins. What would you have done???????????????

The word Life means so many things but Life truly is a very powerful and special gift. Don’t lose a single moment wondering what if. Take such a gift and go far beyond anything you can imagine and never look back!

“Dances with Wolves”, one’s life travels long distances and find different cultures and ways of life. Never stop your journey and always seek out others for which ones life will be filled with riches!

Into the night we all drift away as the ever so hidden spirits are awaiting you and wanting to come out and walk amount us. We walk as if someone is off in a distance and watching us and yet they are closer than you think. The deep darkness is upon us as all the graves are now empty and the lost spirits are roaming the semi wet pavement and waiting to attack. Beware of what you don’t know and see as no one is safe tonight!!!!

Today I watched a TV program with people and discussions. This is not about the debate by the way. What is interesting to me are the end results. I have spent 24 years managing people, teams and organizations to be successful and focused. A key formula is providing coachi leadership, honestly, direction and help. You have to have an exact plan, a solid communication and give a very specific roadmap which outlines every step, action, task and end result. What I seem to find is that someone could not fill in the gaps, could not offer specific details, could not answer the real questions, could not articulate the roadmap and could not explain all the exact tasks and how to truly achieve success through such a plan. In the end the noise bits take over and alternatives are offered with no sound advice. I wonder what you think.

Ones success is never about taking credit or getting all the awards. True success comes from a team so talented that they always make you look good, that’s the people who get deserve the credit! "Team"

Whenever you have a really intense bad day and you want to give up just remember one thing. What you do and say has a profound effect on other people and you do matter and you do make a difference!

Walking outside your comfort zone you find that people are just people. No matter who they are, where there from, what culture they represent or what they see. When you wake up and really understand that logic then you traveled beyond ones eyeglass!

Labor Day Weekend; A moment to think where you have been and where you are going. Too many have fallen to lost jobs and forgotten hopes. To all who seek work and to all who think they are alone, you are not alone and you are the future as anything is possible!

WATER, our complex turned off the water to work on water pipes and lines and will be off for two days. This is like working back in the old days where you had to pump your water outside or maybe cavemen days.

DESTINY - What is your destiny? You can pick from a variety of menu’s painted in gloss covered pages. You can envision flying across mountain tops and touching down in several cities. You can invent new and untouched technologies or even dive deep under the oceans. Find one thing which defines you beyond all others and you have arrived!

Real Moment; I finished work and took my final walk alone our brick covered courtyard only to focus my eyes on one thing. A mother sitting down on the ground with her two young daughters making pictures with tiny crayons and laughing. No IPhone, No IPad, No Laptop and No TV. A perfect picture and a special memory for such beautiful kids!

Many think it takes moving a mountain to get recognized for great deeds. Yet it only takes one small act of kindness to make someone believe in people and a better life!

You awake in this misty low level grass covered darkest only to gently lift and open your eyes to awareness and your surroundings. You wonder if your existence is enough to affect others and make a difference. You continue to exceed your limits only to insure it does!

What is your Net Worth? Many people approach you and ask such a question. When you put more value and energy just into GREEN, then you already lost. Let’s not forget ones real Net Worth as it comes from the relationships built with all the different people across this earth!

An endless Road offers so many possibilities. Do I travel this road or do I turn off and end my journey? Find your Road and never stop searching for the answers!

Rush then push faster and harder and never stop as one needs to find new ways to accomplish something. The problem is in a blink you will miss a lifetime and never be able to replace lost time and lost moments!

JULY 2012 - How many have received such pain in the neck calls from people who want to do surveys. Well it happened to me as I was cutting some vegetables for another magical dinner and my phone rings and as the knife slower slices through my finger they ask if I can spend 20 minutes to answer questions on a survey. You could honestly lose it!

Million Dollar Question for all; Facebook a place filled with many different messages, people, comments, pictures and updates from real people. My question is should I continue to write and offer my own brand of inspiration and snapshots with my own views or end such comments. I can respect this form of Media made up of an ever changing world and social network.

Sometimes you need to close one door in order to open yet another. The new door may include taking you to a new place, different people and a totally new job. What makes one’s life come alive is your ability to adapt to change in all forms. Remember it’s who you are which makes the difference!

Sometimes as the day closes out and all the tasks and duties are finished you find a tiny moment of silence creep up around you. You cherish this little space in time as your mind wonders and many new ideas rush through your head. This is when my words come to life and when you take ideas and start to paint the imagines!

Some can sing, some can dance, some can act and some can even write great stories. What makes a difference is doing all this with emotion, passion, heart and intense drive. What lives inside of you and how do you release such a powerful energy and wrenching explosions!

The battle between going forward or taking a step back. Risk is always filled with fears and uses many lanes to an unending highway. The ones that are said to be the best never look back and seek out the right road and will risk it all. Move forward and try something new!

The distance from the Earth to the Sun is roughly 93 Million Miles. The distance between you and a child is the difference between you changing a life and making a difference and a lasting impression. Don’t wait to reach the Sun, go ahead and reach out to a child!

TIME - Time, once lost can never return and all the special moments become a thing of the past. One’s life is built around an interesting and ever changing timeline. Move forward and don’t look back and start your own enhanced creative exciting and unknowing adventure because it’s already too late, you lost another second!

WHAT IF: You wake up every morning and you wonder what if? You have to be able to reach beyond the universe and capture the moment and know you are the person that can create something new and exciting! You never give up and you never let society dictate and tell you who you are!

THE TEAM - The Team, Ones entire career is made up of highs and lows and success stories and losses. But the one constant comes from working with a team. Whenever you have a Win or Success remember it came with the help of a great team of experts and specialists. I feel the recognition and fame goes to others as one never forgets how you got there. Never forget your Team!

Many have trouble seeing what a house or room or future might look like while under construction. Take a step back and open your eyes and see the vision and your future. Take the chance and the risk and don’t ever look back!

Mounting Foreclosures, out of control credit card debt and unheard of college and student loan debt with no sign of relief anywhere in sight. When many talked about the banking crisis which almost put us into a major depression they forgot to talk about all the other areas which could take down a country. Who has the answers, as if one really exists?

Many young very creative and ever so wonderful teens have this hidden idea inside of them. The one where someone owes them something or they deserve it without much effort. I can tell you for a fact that intense hard work and taking control of your life at an early age will make you a powerhouse and independent force to reckon with!!!! MAKE IT HAPPEN

DIGITAL MEDIA - Some say that the digital media is here to stay and the old style news papers or print is forever going away. But the ones who use their mind and let their fingers write out all the well formatted pages are the real writers. Using images and making words come to life on paper opens another dimension in one’s life!

TRAVEL - There are many places and one’s eyes can see when you are oceans apart. But find that one untouched unmarked long lonely road which has yet to be traveled then you find how close to your love ones you are!

Balance, everyone needs it and in order to achieve your goals you need to find your own special balance. It comes in many forms and it can come from a person. When you close your eyes tonight think about where your balance comes from!

The world is covered in ever so enormous mounting and growing materialism. We walk along darkness and unaware of the building stress and loss all around us with faces with no names. The real reality comes from our families and our worth comes from the value we place on people not things!

Passion, everyone has a passion for something. Use your creativity and your inter eye and find what lights you up and what gives you your strength and revolves around your energy source. Find a passion for something. Anything is possible!

JUNE 2012 Writings, the words which start from a simple idea and then becomes a draft filled with emotions and untold stories and drifts into a mist of hand brushed paintings. Ones words are the outline of one’s life and shares many views which carry hidden messages. Find your inter soul and you find your true balance!

There is an interesting trend going on with FB. People in general do love to share pictures, traveling, special events and just everyday moments. What is most interesting is what did people do when the Internet did not exist. Technology is a great communication device but you will never be able to replace real people talking to real people!

What is the truth? The Job market is truly intense; too many people for too few of jobs and the companies are looking for the perfect fit in all cases. Education and real Skills will get you a look but your attitude and ability to make things happen in real time is everything!

There are so many roads to seek out and travel down. The turns and slippery curves are even more daunting and you may feel you will end up in a ditch. The ones, who can feel it, see it and own it inside out can always make it in the end. Find your road and own it!

The Phase “The Ones you really Love”. How many times has this been used in so many different ways, (Greeting Cards, Commercials, Books, Advertisements and Elections)? You have to wonder if they were ever talking about you or me or really using the real meaning behind such words.

The surface and embodiment of a Peacock offers so many shapes and colors and rooming rainbows. What does your presence offer to others who may be in need of enlightenment and wanting?

Today things are so competitive, so demanding, so unforgiving and so relentless that you wonder about the future. You will find that networking and building a powerful team of friends and professionals will get you through anything. Never walk alone!

MAY 2012 - Many books have been written about War’s and all the strategies used in the untold battles in so many countries. The words that never hit these pages are from the woman and men as they walk along lonely streets and see such moments and events and how that affects their lives and families. Always remember there is a price that gets paid for the word Freedom. Never
forget these brave soldiers!