Intense Thoughts



“Water” no not Salt water but real natural water coming from streams, waterfalls, mountains, pure lakes and many other areas which are pure drinking water areas. Who thinks a person can live without any drinking water for days, weeks, months or years? Our lakes one by one are being destroyed, our land is being polluted, our swamplands are being engulfed with tiny particles of chemicals and our oceans are becoming a dumping ground for anything we want to release there. We should all look to the future and add an Oil Rig in our back yards or maybe a Fracking Facility next to our homes and not really worry about how we continue to use Fresh Water. Water and Chemicals are mixed and used with high pressure pipes and processes and in the end the water becomes totally contaminated and used to feed back into our water supplies and ground. We should never worry that this could hurt people or make people sick and even affect all the people in our communities. No we should be proud that we contributed to the final destruction of all Water resources in America and around the World. Let’s all start researching how to buy or build another High Powered, High Impact Drilling Industrialized machine in order to take everything left inside our planet and reap the benefits and any hidden profits and just not worry about Water. Remember we can all just drink ____________?

So many wonder what will happen in one’s life and what will they become. You can only stop and think about such things, and it would put your mind and body in a dizzy spell and unleash an everlasting ball of flames onto you. To waste time or energy just pondering on what would be is no longer an option. Here and now is where is all matters. Today and only today is what seeming to be important and what is here and now. You can never turn the page forward or backward yet you can live for today and excel without limits or boundaries. You are the only you and the only one who can make an impact and change the world. There is no tomorrow, there is no going back, there is no regrets. Open your eyes and see the picture which reflects the light for where you are today!

You don’t get something out of your Life unless you put something back in. You don’t get to experience the true wealth of real people from all walks of life unless you open your mind and heart and make a positive difference in their life. To many times we live in such a society where people are forever afraid of anything, everyone and something which becomes different from what we know. You will for sure live an empty life unless one seeks out and goes beyond the boundaries of our own 1,000 SQ. FT!

There are moments when you turn and feel a wake of silence which becomes defining as no words are ever spoken. You use very keen senses and forever wonder all the missed signals going on around you. You never stop seeking emotional connection as you wander in a misty silo of sections within life!

The night is semi cold and the sound of silence is hauntingly streaming across the lines of surface for which we all walk. It gives you that one chance to feel all the frequency changes and increase your senses to everything you see, hear and touch. Accept what hidden gifts you have to increase your ability to go beyond one’s own inherent language of life!

ou are only one call away. Whenever you think it’s you against the world or you fighting an uphill battle and no way out, think again. You are never alone and never lost. Open your eyes and look through that shiny set of lenses and you will see something magical, one’s family and friends!

Do we reach for the Stars or do we go home? Do we regain our position in the world or do we go back to old ways and no sign of progress. Do we look to be the Best and offer every Child in the world the ability to get an Education, have Food on their table, be able to be Who they want to be and never want for Water and a Pace to Live again. Today in 2016 it’s about time to rethink what Greed has done to our World and one’s Life. If Money and Power is what you are after then we already LOST our Children!

You can’t redo the past. No matter how much you want to walk back in history and relive those moments, there is only today and the steps left to take looking forward. Ones best and important moments comes from the picture frames you create in life today!

You can’t redo the past. No matter how much you want to walk back in history and relive those moments, there is only today and the steps left to take looking forward. Ones best and important moments comes from the picture frames you create in life today!

What type of person do you see yourself as? Do you color within the lines or let the colors blur your canvas. Do you walk a straight line or do you leave the designated area to explore new worlds. Do you say what you mean or do you only project a voice of what is expected? And do you see people for people or do you see what others tell you to see. In the end you will see yourself, let’s hope the reflection back does not scar you!

As a writer and a story teller we live to give hope, to inspire and to unleash hidden emotions. It is everyone’s obligation to expose anyone who might stop and actually read the words that are painted on such posts which seem to roam on the pages of Facebook. The hope would be that one can relate to real moments, events and family togetherness. Once the ink saturates the page there is no turning back!

10 Thousand Moments, what will you remember. Will you see angry motorists racing in rush hour or will you see the little girl selling Girl Scout cookies. Will you try to move quickly inline at a market or will you help someone reach an item. Will you see unwanted uninterested faces against a broken fence or will you offer a nice hot coffee to a person in need. Moments are made with selfishness and a passion for life and people. Let’s see what you remember!

Some say winning is EVERYTHING. But at what cost and will you lose in the end, family, friends or your own sanity. In Technology Sales we do what we do because we believe being the best and showing up for the game is what we live for. There is no second best trophy as we reach beyond the stars and fight every inch of the way. It takes a strong foundation to make such a commitment and it does come from having your family and close friends to share in your journey. Just remember always give 200% in anything you go after!

Today we see the industrial landmark changing and the future becomes fuzzy. Corporations only have but one way to surprise investors by any kind of increased revenue or profits. They look to Staff Reduction Plans or what we call layoffs. There will be over $500,000 layoffs in technology alone. So what do you do to combat such events? Be ready for change, adaptability and build your knowledge-base so you can survive this shift in inequality. Only the strong will make it!

In life there is no word as fair or unfair. You start each and every day thankful for what you have and for the people surrounding you. There is no time or room for reaching for something which does not exist nor time for over analyzing things. You have to face the facts and own your place in this world. You believe that you can make a difference and you always reach for the stars. That’s what we do!

There are good people from all Cultures and all Walks of Life. Why must we endure such dangerous times with the very few which carry such hatred and screwed up beliefs which cause so many loses. A change needs to happen and an awakening needs to begin!
What did you do today?
Did you meet new people today?
Did you take a long walk?
Did you extend a helping hand?
Did you paint a picture?
Did you walk a dog?
Did you fix a water leak?
Did you work on your car?
Did you help a student in need?
Did you listen to great music?
Did you travel to a lakeside?
Did you wr46. ite your private words in your journal?
Did you cook a wonderful meal?
Did you work at a homeless shelter

Or DID YOU TXT all day? Wake Up!

In the World of Sales you have to be better than you ever expected from yourself. You keep driving, pushing, running, planning, forecasting, reaching for the Stars and never Stopping. The difference between you and the walls you face are the Results you Achieve. We never stop and we never give up!

It’s not enough to think that you are causing a change in the world. You need to reach out and touch a person while offering your help. Your knowledgebase then becomes a riverbed which flows to endless points.

Ones view of the world can be summed up with this, you can’t go back or turn that page again. In order to make things happen you need extreme energy and focus. The ones who make a difference are the ones you remember!
You can’t move forward unless you put the past behind you. The only thing that matters are the people. The ones who support and provide guidance as you transition into the new you. Never STOP and Never Give Up!

Someday when you are walking through a market and looking for that just right Fruit remember one thing. When you see someone sitting there on the raw cold floors and trying to pick up their dropped items, stop and help them. Walking away offers nothing to your mind, body and soul. Make a difference!

“Random Acts of Kindness”, what does this really mean to many? If you don’t display such qualities and think how you might help others then why exist. Maybe one’s ability to go beyond the norm is something you might think about!
Some days you feel like you’re wiped out. But for some crazy reason you find that last bit of energy and drive and you never stop or give in. Sometimes the difference between winning and losing is that last ditch effort. Make it happen!

You can’t replace the precious moments. Take advantage of the little time you have with people in this world because before you blink, it’s over!

Innovation, where does it come from and how do we get it back? With hard work and a powerful value system the world can be a better place to live in. Every Idea deserves a look and every person can bring new ideas to the table!
One never knows what Life throws your way. Is it wonderful or is it painful? The main point is Take It and run with it. In the end you will always be the beneficiary and a better person!
You are only as good and this second. The world demands that you go beyond your ability and knowledge. Never stop learning and never stop growing. Everything becomes your platform for success. Take control and make things happen!

“Time”, as soon as you blink you will find that time has already past and can never be replaced. Don’t ever lose sight of such precious little time we all have. Make a difference while time still exists!

How does one walk through fire, seek new challenges, go for gold and still remain unchanged. You can never look back and see your previous reflections without seeing how you have changed hopefully for the better. Go for the gold and watch what happens!

There is no script or magic wand to lead you to success. Some claim they have all the answers and can offer easy money if you just buy there CD’s or subscribe to their famous formula’s. It take intense focus, commitment and a vision of innovation to get you there. Make your dreams come true and never look back!

There are no words to find for the "Homeless in America". Maybe a nice warm meal provided today can offer a glimpse of hope and create the many smiles. Be thankful you can sit at a table with family and never wonder what it’s like to be on the streets!

One never knows what they are capable of until you stretch the boundaries and reach for the stars. Making things happen is a gift and has no limits on what you can accomplish!

To all the people who take that step forward and provide such unconditional incredible care to the ones in need, bless you all. We never look at this as work or ever consider turning back and saying no more. The only road is going forward and making others have a better life until they leave this earth!

Once you figure out that the world does not evolve around you then you can accomplish anything. Take a position, do something different, stand out or just help someone with a project. Making a difference is more than a name and a face. Take control of your Life!

Controversial Items: Why do so many put labels on People? Sexual Orientation, Religious Beliefs, Culture differences and where you live in the world. Maybe if we all open our eyes and remember People are just People, we all have the same issues and differences. We could have a better world to live in! Change the world, Change a Life!

Cell Phones are not just for texting. Whenever you think you are alone or isolated in this world, think again. Use your cell phone for more than texting and call someone. Maybe a real voice and share your day with them. You are never alone and only a heartbeat away from real people!

So many want to find their way and follow their dreams. So many wish they had a better life as they look through another’s pair of glasses. You can and will if you just change you and your view on everything. Don’t let anything stop you in order to move mountains and make your life different!  This is your time!

April 2014

Is 100% good enough? What do you think? In today’s changing attitudes and expected company growth and returns on investments there is no room for just making it. Start your day giving 200% and go from there. You are the Brand and the Product. You are the future and you are capable of so much more. Make a difference!

Chasing your Dreams. Is it impossible or can dreams become real? There is only one thing stopping you, NOTHING!

When your World starts to fall apart or disappear and you can’t go on anymore, you can turn and press restart. That’s when you look to your family and friends. You take a snapshot of one’s face and the many smiles and joy for which you are a part of. You take that one moment and you never go back in time and never stop fighting for a better you!

Some say you can only move one mountain at a time. I say you can move 100 mountains on any given day. The one’s that see beyond something blocking you from achieving your goals are the ones that can change the world!

JANUARY 2014  --- The Rolling Stones, You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes you get what you need. I think the key word is trying something new and different. You can make a difference and you can get something out of life if you try!

 Some say you only get one chance in life to get things right, maybe two chances. What will you do to make a difference? Will you be the one sitting on the fence or the one offering some help or a solution or maybe a few kind words!

You can travel 5,000 Miles and never find or see the real, raw and untouched truth of life, or you can walk just a mile and touch someone’s heart and change their life forever. You decide what is more important!

You will never know what you are doing right or wrong unless you try something new and something outside of your comfort zone. You can only achieve greatness when you reach out and touch the unknown!

The only thing that is stopping you in anything you do is you. No one holds the keys to one’s life as you control your place in this world!

There is no word “Can’t”. There is no reason to stop searching for your true future. There is no word stop. When you believe you can’t and when you say no more then you let the demons take control and you stop living!

Crawling to the TOP what does it all mean? Do you sell your soul to reach it or do you reach it your way. The only difference between success and a sell out is who you are as a person. What Picture do you want to be remembered by?

We all want to perform our best and exceed any possible limitations. Sometimes it only takes a tiny moment when you realize anything is possible and you engage your energy beyond the forces of life. There are no limits to your own success! Each step takes you further than the last!

To many times a person is told you are not good enough or you just don’t have what it takes. How many more times does it need to be said before you believe ones words? For all the teens and older ones never ever let anything slow you down or stop your creativity. You already know your worth and have such great hidden talents. You only stop yourself!

“Pay It Forward”, many think that you do something for someone and you tell them just pay it forward to others. The real answer is we all need to help others in need. Pay It Forward is just a term but actions and changing a person’s life is more about who you are!

You take one turn and then another and you wonder if you made all the right decisions and if the end result is the right one. For all the people who ever wonder, STOP. If you never try and take all the turns you will never forgive yourself. You will never know and you will never touch the sky. Only the dreamers and the risk takers ever really know. Make something happen!

There is only a small window in life where everything you do can affect the ones around you. Take that step forward and make your moment count. Watch what can happen when you shine!

Some would say you can only go so far in Life before you’re done. Don’t ever believe that because you can make anything happen and go beyond your wildest dreams!

“Be all you can be” is always special and bless the ones who continue to protect us and keep us safe. But we do need another slogan, “Be More then you can be”. Be your best and make your mark on the world!

Don’t wait, try something new and when you think there’s always another day then think again. You can never get time back and the world continues to turn at an even faster pace. Open your mind to new possibilities and ever so lasting adventures!

What really matters? The fact that you can try something new and yes maybe your first time is not your best or the fact that you tried at all. Never give up and never stop trying something new!

JUNE 2013 - What is your signature? What did you do to leave a major impression on someone out there who is facing the unknown and lost to their dreams? Never forget what gifts are within you and never forget you can make such a difference!

When you are out of time, have ten projects due, several meetings to schedule and attend and focus on an intense learning track what do you do? What do you do? You reach deep beyond any lost energy levels and you just find a way and do it. You never give up and you never stop!!

APRIL 2013 - You have to give a better performance, be a better person and give everything you have inside of your soul to reach all the people who so long for a little help or just that one single word of hope!

Don’t emerge yourself in gratification and deserved recognition because you can always do more, do better and find new ways to help the people who are forever lost!

Living on the edge can be ever so intense and even more demanding. You don’t have time to look back and search for answers. Never forget to stop in the process and enjoy that missing moment which can make a difference and change your perspective on life. Find your release!

You never know what you can do until you try it. Don’t wait for the years to past and wonder what if. Channel your ever wanting desire to be the Best and go for it!
Major setbacks are just the start to a new journey. Take your God given talents and thrust your unrelenting gifts forward and unleash your energy towards a new beginning!

You take seven steps forward and then four steps back. You take another five steps forward and six steps back. What do you do? You keep driving forward with intense passion and fury!

Dreams will remain dreams if never tested or tried. What is holding you back from making your dreams become reality? Never Stop Dreaming!

A twisted winding road surrounded by misty deep colored semi green water ponds as you enter the unknowns of one’s life. Make every moment count!

Every year you see a list of the Riches people in the world. Why not have a second list of all the starving people in the world, let’s see which one is more important!

“Can’t“ have ice cream, can’t run too fast, can’t play your drums, can’t go out with your friends and can’t ever go too far in life. Some very intense creative and ever so talented outrageous different types of people grew up with can’t. Never subject a growing mind and soul to can’t because the world is made up of “CAN”!

How do you know how close you are to the finish line? You move inch by inch as your heart beats faster and you know it takes everything you have to make it. A person who can see the finish line before you get there already won the race!

SEPT. 2012 - It does not make any difference how much stuff you have or even the wealth you built. In the end it comes down to what have you done with your LIFE. Take that to the Bank and spend it!

You get a little older and a little wiser and you think well things just might get easier. But reality is something very different. You wake up and you need to re-energize each and every day and never let your mind or body stop!

It’s not enough or nearly enough to just wish for something. Ones gift is one’s ability to have an impact on a person or personal passion. What is your enough?

To make something happen you need to "OWN IT" and own your own destiny. Don’t come with excuses or can’t be done words but a “Can Do Attitude”. You Own IT and you see it through no matter what!

Winning in sports (Tennis, Baseball, Soccer, Football and more) or winning in business is one thing. Winning in real life is something very different. The person you are represents everything and the winning spirit!

Making a movie the actors and directors get a second take. In real life sometimes you only get one take to get it right. Always give it your best and reach far beyond what you felt was possible!

One’s Mind is such a powerful gift and tool. It needs to continue to grow and be filled with new experiences and constant nurturing with ever growing moment. Never lose sight of this powerful all encompassing gift!

If you stay in your 12 X 12 comfort zone you will never really know what you can actually achieve. Breakout and take that plunge into an uncharted territory and you will be surprised!

You reach into a deck of cards and you think you control the outcome of your life. One’s life goes through many phases and changes and unexpected turns and challenges. Whenever you get this idea that you know what’s coming next, think again!

No matter who you are or where you are from and what Branch of the service you are in, you are forever remembered. The ones that continue to do what they do and keep us safe and travel all over the World with certain things in mind, protect, serve, honor and support will never be left behind. For these are the true HEROES. For the ones that already gave their life Gold Bless them all!

Twenty five years of Enterprise Software Technology, Millions of air miles, Thousands of ground miles and over 900 Major companies and customers across North America. The one thing that always stands out is having the ability to take a negative situation and turn it into a positive result and come to a resolution for both parties. When you walk out of a room and you can see the smiles on everyone’s faces you know you left an impression! Do something TODAY and leave your mark on the world.

Sometimes you can find an escape from reality or hide behind ones hidden fears. If you reach beyond the stars there is no limitation in ones hands and you will see the many possibilities in front of you!

No matter how hard you try. No matter how many times you are told by someone you can’t do it just remember one thing? You are the best and you can do anything. To be the best means to see it and feel it inside of you and to bring you’re Best!

Lights, Camera and Action. In Hollywood it’s a common phase but when you think about it while you are working and in front of people its show time. You are the face of that lens and you become part of the story. Make a difference and present your best side!

Some say you only get one take to get it right. In life sometimes you get a couple takes or chances to get it right. In today’s business climate and current employment conditions you really only get 5 minutes to make your point or get recognized. Don’t lose sight of reality!

Close your eyes and imagine that one place where you wish you could be. As your eyes slowly open your mind takes control and finds that compass and navigation system to unleash that untouched and wanting place. For the ones who can see it can also make it happen!

Talent, do you have it? Everyone has something inside and carries a powerful inter connection with ones hidden talent. An untapped element of one’s soul and when released you can affect everyone around you. Find yours and use it!