My name is David and sometimes people call me Dave.  For 12 years now, I see things from a different point of view and in my case my wife struggles each day with a very progressive form of Alzheimer’s Dementia.

My day starts at any time or moment 24/7 because you don’t know what you are going to face. My brain and senses have become incredibly sharp and ready for any change or movement with my wife.  I lose many hours of sleep yet I must throttle my mind and body so that I can take care of all the needs required with such a disease.  I know I can never get sick or fall to exhaustion because the demands are so high.  While taking care of my wife you start to block your emotions and become numb to your environment and the harsh conditions you face.

Over time I have felt Isolated and alone as my wife goes from walking, talking and eating to virtual silence and unable to help herself. This unexpected extremely difficult traumatizing disease can stop you in your tracks and is unrelenting and unforgiving and very progressive.

I have provided the very best care for my wife and I hope to see one more day.  I find myself always searching for answers such as what stage are we in with this disease and what treatments are available. I find there are no rules or playbook to follow and the responsibility falls on my shoulders. 

I also know that Alzheimer’s Dementia requires Long Term Care and that carries a major financial commitment.  I had to sell off everything (houses, cars, investments, retirement plans, savings) and more to provide the proper care for my wife.  This disease can destroy you and your family and you may never recover from the pain and suffering you see each day.  The first time I saw my wife have a seizure I almost lost it as I could see her leaving this earth.  After 12 more I have forced my mind to be able to deal with it and address additional needs.

So, I continue to fight this battle and I will never give up. I hope you and your family never ever face such a disease or challenge.  To me taking on Alzheimer’s Dementia was another challenge and I had to find a path and vision to achieve the end results.  My Dad and Mom always taught me that there is nothing you can’t achieve and you never ever say, no I can’t do this.  My job is never over as I stay on this incredible journey and learn more every day to help cope with the pressures and stress I face.  In the end I hope that I can help millions of others to face this ever-growing disease.

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May God Bless You in your life and journey no matter where it takes you.

How I see and deal with my Wife’s Alzheimer’s Dementia

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