This is my story:

World Wide Enterprise Software Sales, I sold a Billion Dollars vs. 12 Years dedicated to the care for my WIFE with Alzheimer’s. 

Which task is harder?
Which takes 200% focus?
Which takes total discipline?
Which takes dealing with major challenges?
Which takes embracing conflict and change? 

And which takes total commitment?  If you can answer this with the word “BOTH”, then you already know the answer in life.  You never give less than 200% because you only know what’s in front of you. 

When you are given gifts from the heavens then you understand that you don’t control the Universe but you can make a difference and you can take on any challenge or task you are faced with.  The only thing between you and the ground for which we stand on is your ability to achieve anything.

Knowing you can lose everything you ever worked for to take on a task that is unexpected and leaves you with pain and long-lasting suffering can be a daunting task.  There is no option here and no going back.  You take what God throws at you and you say no problem I got this.  You then must exceed beyond your own capabilities and expectations. I always knew it was easier to sell software then caring for my Wife. 

It changes your life forever when you give everything you have to make a difference with your soulmate that’s affected by this deadly disease.  You must learn 100 additional skills to just keep up with the ever-changing stages.  I’m forever changed and see the world from a different point of view. 

I place value on people who display passion, vision, caring, empathy and have a will to survive, and can look at a challenge and know anything is possible. 

The difference between Winning or Losing can be miles apart.  The difference between giving and walking away can only be measured by the characteristics of a person and their foundation.    Once again,     There was only one ROAD!