Intense Thoughts



 I have traveled over 1,000,000 Air Miles in my lifetime and I’m still amazed at all the different people I meet. From every culture to worlds apart you can always find something in common and something very different. Open your EYES and find out what you don’t know and who you just might meet! PEOPLE are everything.

When do we as a Nation start to pick on people and call out such irresponsible, indecency and irrevocable name calling of any one culture or represented country. The mere foundation of our Country has been filled with and respectfully invited all nations, all people, all cultures and all religions. The United States is a total representation made up of Freedoms for all and the makeup of every person who seeks out a better life and a safer place to live. I can only see People. I know no other way and yet others use name calling in our political world. What do you see? What eyes are you expecting when confronted with people from other countries and other beliefs?

“Muhammad Ali”, the most iconic amazing person we surely have known. I’m the Greatest, Wow. What made him so special is that we all watch him through every event and every moment and we all felt part of the event and process. I have always believed you never give up and yet I think some of that spirit came from the Greatest, Muhammad Ali. May you R.I.P.

“Music” what do we remember about all the tunes and sounds coming from so many labels and artists and the lost art of using heart and soul to achieve greatness. Well after generations of musical talent and untold stories, there still is a place and time when you could still spin the Vinyl Records and hear great music. The Funk Brothers with the magic of Motown will forever carry voices and sounds to the end of the Earth and Back. So many #1 hit’s you could never remember them all. “What’s Going On” to pick a few. There is no other type of sound that matches these incredible untouchable gems in the history of Music! What sounds do you listen to?

How many times in one’s life have you heard the word Oscar, Golden Globe, Emmy and so many others which represent the very Best in the World of Entertainment, News and Media. What happens to the everyday super stars that walk the hard roads and travel the unknown highways, live in the underground and only know of the shadows which surround them. Where do we find the Award Shows and Cherry Red Carpets for the ones who offer food, shelter, a kind word and walk a small child across a lonely untraveled crossing with little to no sleep. Many can shine and always be in the spotlight but few can grow and encompass the unchartered waters and continue as the unknown names in the world, yet touch so many lives in such short periods of time! Where will you take your next steps?

We all hear so many numbers, 2,000,000 Children go without food every day, 5,000,000 people continue to be homeless, more than 10,000,000 people stopped looking for work, 50,000,000 people around the world still have no water and live below any standards we would consider normal. The numbers are real and never stop growing, the only way to actually understand what impact this has on lives comes from very powerful true experiences that many hold inside. How long will it take for all the people around the world to change the numbers? Maybe we should all remember one thing. All Lives forever MATTER! 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

How do you connect to people? Think about that while using Ten different devices and only seeing the Rest of the World through Bits & Bites 00001111110000000111000111110000111100001111000!

“Parents” do you think you ever stop being a parent? The answer a big NO. From the start of your little tot’s to young adults and beyond you never lose excitement, concerns, worries and providing sound advice. We all know that as a parent you have special gifts which allow us to sense what is going on with your children. We also know that no matter what happens we always have this innate ability to translate and ingest where, how and why our children do what they do. Yet our worries never really disappear!

“People”, what do you expect to find when confronted with the idea of meeting new people from anywhere on our planet? People are People no matter where they live, no matter what religion, no matter how they look and no matter what their Political position they stand on. When you open
What might be the greatest achieving in one’s life? To me it’s raising and watching your young adults (Ashley & Brandon) find their dreams and making them happen. You can never replace such a gift with Jobs, Money or other material things!

Why is it that the people who cannot see with their eyes can always see people for who they are? And yet the people that can truly see never seem to acknowledge or even care about the people around them. It’s time to wake up and make this world a better place!

Japan, China, Indonesia, Philippines, UK, Thailand and more. In all these countries they all face many challenges and changes. The people all have the same concerns and problems we all do. The next time you talk to someone from another country make sure you treat them with respect and remember we all walk this Earth!
Some people think they are invisible to the world that nothing matters and they have no control on things. Never think for a second that you can't change another person’s life with just a single word or smile and a warm heart. You can always be seen!

Henry Ford, Edison, Lincoln, if only you could walk in their shoes. Many might say such words. Maybe just maybe you start your own invention or create something for the world and walk in your own shoes. Tyr it!
The words we use, the tone of our voice, the way we act, the reflections off our face and the way we smile to others. This is the difference between the people who give and the people who take!

Many people think they make a difference yet you only travel in your inner circle and only within your home town. Nothing wrong with this approach but maybe try something different. Try reaching out to people unknown to you and try traveling the world. You may find a new view on life!

With the world and all its people going in so many directions and facing many challenges there is never enough to go around. We all need to take this opportunity to return something back to our planet and to all the People who only dream of making it through the next day!

“Some say you must be a Saint” no we are just part of the millions of people who are called caregivers and we offer a support system and a voice to the many who have no voice. The Real Saints and Hero's are the ones infected with so many different diseases and conditions. They are the unknown true Saints and Leaders in a fight to win and beat out such painful challenges!

It’s not paradise for many with disabilities or incurable diseases. Think twice before you walk by yet another person and pretend it does not affect you. Reach out and make their world matter and watch their eyes light up because they never give up!

You can’t take it with you. Many say these words and others just walk this earth and never think what that means. We have such little time and we are blessed with so many gifts. You can take the memories with you as you touch a person, make them smile, make them feel good and change their life forever!
We all want to be stars in our own way. Only a few get to walk on a stage and make dreams come true while other watch in the shadows. But it’s the others who make magic happen each day as they touch so many who have so little. They are the real stars!

True Colors, What do we judge people by or do we focus on the material status of one’s wealth. Maybe one day we can all open our eyes and see people for people and nothing more or less. You can touch someone and make a difference and make a million smiles change the world!
“People”, for years now I have talked about, encouraged and told many to explore other cultures and other people which exist around us. Today that simple fact still remains true. If for only one moment in time you can bridge the gap between you and someone from aboard then do it. You will open your mind and add a new dimension to your being. Others can change the way you see things!
You can’t travel to new places and meet new people until you get on the train and leave the station. Don’t wonder what if and never look back. Open one’s eyes to explore the hidden mysteries in front of you!
RELATIONSHIPS: Relationships are made of partnerships and intense passion. These are the gifts you give to one another and never expect anything in return. You will never be alone when ones true connection is upon you!
Caregivers - Gold Metals; This goes out to all the caregivers which surround us. You have to be extremely strong, mentally capable, perform multiple tasks, interpret emotions and physical needs and go beyond any imaginable scenario possible. These are the people that deserve a gold metal but are with silent voices!

How many times have people come up to you or someone else and say “How Is Your Day”? Do they really care about your answer and do they really want to explore how that affects you? Maybe the next time you ask someone how is their day remember to mean it!